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Forest Therapy Guiding

Nature Wisdom Begins Here

We all want to feel connected and supported. Nature and Forest Therapy Guiding can help do just that. The Guide opens the doors to healing and transformation - and sometimes the realization of profound wisdom. But the forest, the beach, the wildlife  - and you - are the healers. The guide offers invitations to slow down and get into your senses. Immersion in nature has been proven to increase creativity, reduce stress and boost immunity. Forest therapy also creates a sense of community through heart-centered sharing. Check out what past participants on my walks have commented in the Forest Therapy Guiding Testimonials, below. Available for individuals, groups and businesses in the Seattle area from Winter 2019. Let me know if you're interested in finding out how to hire me!

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Empowerment Coaching

Support for Living Fearlessly

Do you feel like your fears are holding you back from living your life to the fullest? Do you feel frustrated because you know your purpose in life is to grab life with both hands and make a difference? If you want to live fiercely and fearlessly and live up to what you were born to do in this life, I can support you. I offer profoundly intuitive coaching combined with powerful holistic spiritual practices to help you gain insight after insight into how you can set yourself free to live fearlessly. I have rave reviews from my clients (check out Coaching Testimonials). If the idea of working together excites you and sets your cells vibrating, get in touch below. I would love to offer you a free consultation for my personalized 1-to-1 support.  

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Forest Therapy Guiding Testimonials


"Feeling very zen after a lovely forest therapy walk guided by @heartsandrootsguide Actually taking time to sit still and enjoy nature felt like an alien concept after becoming a mum but I’m definitely keen for more."

Louise, Forest Therapy Walk participant

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“A wonderful way to reconnect with nature in a mindful, considered way with engaging activities and opportunity to reflect and fully absorb the experience as you go. 

“A very beneficial experience and expertly and warmly guided by Christine. I can't imagine doing another one that is as good as this one... I intend to practice the invitations we were presented with.”

Caroline, Forest Therapy Walk participant

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"Thanks so much for a wonderful walk!  It was a fabulous experience - I think it's completely changed how I'll approach my next walk in the woods!"

Clark, Forest Therapy Walk participant


Coaching Testimonials


"Working with Christine has been a really nourishing experience. Her coaching guided me through releasing limiting beliefs. It helped me connect in with my body more and let her guidance system, be part of my intuitive tool bag that I can use in all different aspects of my life. I would really recommend her if you are looking for a coach that can support you, to give you tools and just be, you know, a friend, in the most respectful, version of that word because her presence and her energy is so kind and so caring and it's just really supportive when you're going through a process. I definitely cried some tears on her shoulder through the time that we were working together and I felt safe enough to be able to do that. So yes, if you are looking for some support, in the way you approach your life in a heart based way and it's many different aspects then I would definitely recommend, getting the support from Christine to do so."

Katie Brockhurt, Coaching Client and social media expert

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"Christine really is an absolutely excellent coach. She has a gentle yet confident style that is appealing and reassuring. The word that most readily springs to mind to describe Christine is insightful. She approaches sessions with a lightness that enhances the deep work being engaged in rather than detracting from it. Christine is always respectful, supportive, open-minded, gentle and kind. I found sessions to be challenging, but not so intense as to be in anyway off-putting or too much. I very much liked the variety of activities suggested to be carried out between 'live sessions'. The work we have done together has helped me immensely and I now have a vast selection of helpful tools and techniques to call on as needed in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending people to undertake coaching sessions with Christine (and indeed have already suggested it to two people I know!). It really is a very valuable thing to do and a meaningful and worthwhile investment to make in one's self and in one's wellbeing."

Caroline Heatlie, Tailored Programme Coaching Client and holistic bodywork therapist


"This evening I took a walk as the sun was going down and did the walking meditation you made for me. I have come back from this feeling extremely humble and in awe of nature. I loved going through all the different senses and the feeling of being connected to nature. I sat down and placed my hands on the ground beside me.  When I felt the roots going down I got a jolting feeling up my back and my back and head feeling lighter and a surge of energy. I could hear the individual birds around me and the cattle bells a bit further away plus a river in the distances.  Later I heard some thunder rolling over the mountain tops. I loved the singing – I started with a Yoga Om to get me started and then I started singing about the mountains without thinking about the words.

"I then walked to the trees we can see from our window.  It’s the first time I have actually touched a tree with meaning, I held the tree in both hands, pressed my forehead against the bark and breathed in the smell. It felt like I could feel the trees vibrations and warmth flowing into me. I then went to another tree. It felt amazing and I couldn’t help feeling how sad that we lose contact with nature. I didn’t want to leave."

Linda Dunglinson, Coaching Client and entrepreneur


About Me

Growth From the Ground Up

Why do we use the phrases "rock bottom" or "floored" to describe the way we feel when things really aren't going our way? Probably because we feel heavy, low and defeated. But I believe the ground - the Earth beneath our feet and the trees and waterways around us - are just where we can find our sustenance and the strength to rise, grow and reach for the person we want to become. 

I know from personal experience developing a deep sense of rootedness in my local natural environment helped me to embrace my feelings and enabled me to make courageous life choices aligned with my intuition. 

I believe being grounded in nature can also help us to connect with others in our authenticity - in friendship, love or family. Just like the trees that support each other through storms and pass each other nutrients underground, we can bolster and support each other to create healing love and community. 

I've experienced this first hand, as I've bounced back from burnout, divorce, and the loss of friends to create a new, joyful and healing marriage, a new, more aligned career, and deeper and more real connections with friends and family. 

If this story resonates with you, please get in touch and let me know what I (and Muma Earth) can do for you.

Christine, founder of Hearts and Roots Guide and ANFT certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide


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Are you a soulmate coaching client or do you have a group or corporate forest therapy inquiry? I would love to hear from you.

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“One day when you wake up, you will find that you have become a forest. You have grown roots and found strength in them that no one thought you had.”

– Nikita Gill